Odor Report Form

We are sorry that you are experiencing an unpleasant odor. We track and measure odors to better understand and minimize them, as well as to identify the most likely source for specific odors. The information that you provide is reviewed daily by Wake County Solid Waste staff and entered a program that allows us to look at the relationship between an odor report and the weather, wind direction, and other environmental factors. If possible, submittal of odor reports within 2 hours of when it was experienced is preferred.

Sometimes, based on this review, it may be deemed unlikely that the odor detected is related to the landfill. We would notify you about this via email within 2 days. In all other cases, your report will provide valuable data that allows us to constantly improve the way we understand and minimize landfill related odors.

Please complete all fields so that we can accurately register your report. You will receive a confirmation email immediately following your submission. Thank you! If you have difficulties completing this form, please email the necessary information (name, address where odor was experienced, day and time) to john.roberson@wakegov.com